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Tom & Georgia | Teepee Wedding | September 2017

When I got the first enquiry from these guys saying they were having a Teepee wedding in Toms parents back garden I was so excited I could have burst. I love teepee weddings, theres something very cool about being in a teepee. Maybe in a previous life I was a Native American, maybe I just like tents. Whatever the reason I just love them. 

Tom & Georgia explained when we met how nervous they were about the photos, not something they liked having done and usually hated themselves in pictures. So a little reassurance later and an engagement shoot under their belts and they were a virtual Posh & Becks... 

The day came and the marriage was to be held at the beautiful medieval church of St Georges in Bradley, Lincolnshire. Such a stunning place for two people so madly in love to say their vows.

Things got better and better after the ceremony, Tom and Georgia left for the venue in a classic VW Camper and when they arrived were stood up through the sunroof giving us all a cheer. What an entrance...

The teepee was decorated beautifully with a real rustic feel to it. Tom and Georgia are avid festival goers and they wanted it to feel like their very own wedding festival and wow did they achieve that.

Georgias mum kicked off the speeches and had prepared a slide show for the guests to watch with videos and pictures of her little girl growing up, touching and funny at the same time. Toms speech was the same blend of fun and emotion (Tom has the most infectious laugh ever) and his Bestman was truly epically funny as well..

All those nerves about having their picture taken had completely gone when I took them away for a few romantic portraits. They relaxed into each other with such adoring looks it was a pleasure being there just for that and we couldn't fail to get amazing photos of them as the sun was going down.

Now you can't have a festival without a bit of live music and they didn't disappoint there either. Piano playing during the meal and a live singer in the evening really made the day.

Now, top all that off with sparklers at the end and you really have what I'd call a really awesome, epic and amazing day... 

Suppliers for this Wedding -

Photography - AWPhotographic -

Teepee -

Flowers and details - The Wedding & Flower Boutique, Grimsby. - 

Caterers - Bon Appetit -

Bar - Ice and a

Hair - Maxwells

Make-up - Jade


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