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The Definitive Wedding Tip Collection 2022

So for the last year I've been putting together a Tip of the Day on my Social Media platforms as a way of helping out couples.

What started out as a week long project ended up taking the best part of a year and got me more involved than I had ever planned. What did come out of it though, from all of experience as well seasoned Wedding Photographer, was what I and many others consider to be the most comprehensive, definitive wedding tip collection known to the human race... FACT!!!....

Seriously though, all of these tips are there to help you as a Bride or Groom (or both) navigate the treacherous waters that is wedding planning in the huge industry that weddings have become.

Of course I am saying this is the definitive collection but there's always something that pops up that's not been encountered before. Who knew a few years ago that more couples would be doing their own playlists and not having DJs but that is happening more and more. I'm not saying its right or wrong, there is no right or wrong, its your wedding and you do you and don't listen to anyone telling you what you should or shouldn't do.

These tips are purely a helping hand, ignore what you will and take away what you like. If just one of these little handy morsels of information is of help then that's a success to me.

Feel free to drop me a message and say if you found them helpful and if you've not got a photographer yet for your wedding then the best tip ever is to get me involved and book AWPhotographic straight away... ;)

Good luck with all the planning and remember, I'm not just a photographer, I'm here to help....



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