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2022 - A Year of Weddings

What a year for weddings 2022 was... We had the hottest day in British history (which incidentally I was actually shooting a wedding on, Emma & Rob you guys are unreal) and some of the most gorgeous sunsets I think I've ever seen..

The season started late for me in March but from there on it did not stop. I still had a few Covid postponements of which many were mid week so it hasn't been unusual for me to do 2 or 3 weddings in a week and let me tell you, that takes it out of you.. It's ok though, I've been known to do a few press ups and leg raises so I was prepared for anything...

I met some of the nicest people ever in 2022, some of my couples will remain friends and

hopefully we can do the renewal in 2032...

Thankyou to all my amazing couples and their families and friends from 2022.. You rocked that year out of the park!!!! FACT!!!!


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