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Give the Gift of Memories

The weddings coming round soon, have you even looked at the gift list? How many spatulas or photo frames do they even need? Buying gifts for the soon to be married couple is a minefield these days .

A lot of modern couples are even asking for money to go towards the Honeymoon but that's over in a week or so and then thats that..

Well, what if your guests could contribute to something that will stay with you for a lifetime?

A wedding album, a canvas of one the favourite images or even a mug with the first kiss on it (hot stuff)....

AWPhotographic - Lincolnshire wedding photographer is now offering gift vouchers for the guests to contribute towards the photography. The vouchers can be as little as £10 or as much as £200 (if your guests really loved you they would you know)..

It's so easy to do as well and can all be done from the ease of their modern beanbag from Ikea.

Simply go to my website,, hit the prices tab and then the vouchers dropdown. Enter a few details (name, email, amount they'd like to gift you) and then pay via Paypal and they then receive the voucher ..

It's that simple..

I will obviously let you know before the day the amount accumulated and you are free to decide what to do with it.

So lets not waste anymore time, if you've already booked with me now is the time to spread the word to your guests and if your thinking about booking but are still to commit then what better reason than this..

Here's the link, its all you need to make your guests feel special and that they did something worthwhile in return for the free food and disco your supplying them with....


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