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Adam & Katy | January 2019 | Stubton Hall

I was so excited for Adam and Katys wedding this January just gone. It was my first of the year and was set to be an epic affair!

The wedding was held at Stubton Hall in Nottinghamshire and what a venue that is! So grand, yet so welcoming and cosy. It is easily one of my favourite venues in the region.

Adam and Katy are both huge gamers, which I love, especially World of Warcraft and we had many conversations geeking out on all sorts of game related topics not even related to the wedding and so I knew this was going to be amazing. I wasn't disappointed.

Adam, an ex paralympian, has a great attitude to life and its no wonder he won Katys heart. The two of them work together as well as butter and bread, salt and pepper or ham and egg.

Now obviously there was a theme to the wedding, not too overstated but very subtly done. The table names were various gaming or comic related characters. i.e The Avengers, World of Warcraft. They had even gone as far as to bring full sized replicas of World of Warcraft weapons to the wedding, a huge sword and a massive axe. These just cried out for some photos with the couple and they got so into character it was ace.

I loved everything about Adam & Katys wedding and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I wish we could do it all again.... (same time next year Adam & Katy?)


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