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2021 - A year of ups, downs and I do's...

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

After 2020 was basically written off I think a lot of us had a lot of trepidation about 2021.

Well I say it was a success all in all.

A lot of great weddings, happy memories and laughter which easily outweighed the bad that was trying to carry on through from 2020..

2021 was also a year I got engaged myself to a wonderful woman who makes me smile everyday. And thats what its about isn't it. Finding that one person in the whole wide world that we can be ourselves with and want to be with forever...

Being engaged myself really has opened my eyes to the wedding industry from the other side and realise there are some amazing vendors out there as well as some not so good, I always tell people to do their research but never realised how much you actually have to do. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed it no end and come May this year when I say I do to my Helen it will be worth all the preparation and hard work to make the day as special as she deserves..

So with that in mind I want to share a few photos with you from the last year of weddings, barn weddings, rustic weddings, manor house wedding, stately home weddings to small intimate weddings that were all as amazing as everyone involved in them..

Happy New year everyone and heres to an even more awesome 2022!!!!

If you got this far then thankyou for looking. If your an existing client then please feel free to share this.. For any new visitors there for a 5% discount just quote '2021 review' when contacting me..



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