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2018 - A Year in Review

With The Beast from the East, Brexit confusion, Novochock, Korea, The World Cup, Heat waves, floods and wild fires you'd be mistaken for thinking 2018 was a bit of a pants year.

Well let me tell you, aside from all those depressing things, my 2018 rocked!!

There was so much love in the air, every single one of the weddings I shot this year was amazing and full of the best emotions. I may even have shed a small tear hiding behind my camera at a couple of them.

I met so many inspiring people, heard some amazing love stories and laughed more than maybe I should have while working.

To me this is a testament to the human spirit. No matter what's happening, what awful things are going on in the world, we still love each other, we still want to make each other happy and still want to show everyone a good time.

Weddings are awesome, it brings out the best in everyone, from the little lad skidding over the dance floor on his knees to the matriarchal Grandma sipping her sherry. I can't ever imagine not doing what I do and sharing these special moments.

2018 you were amazing, take a bow my friend, heres to 2019 may you be just as epic as your older brother..

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