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Merry & Mark | Newark Town Hall | October 2017

When is a wedding not a wedding? When its Merry and Marks 'Will You Never Marry Me' celebration...

This was, simply put, one of the most unique, beautiful and awesome events I've been to. So why you ask did they do all this if they didn't get married? Sure I asked the same thing when I first met these guys, but once I saw how much Mark and Merry loved each other and just how they 'don't want to play by the rules' then I totally got it. Mark explained that he had asked Merry 'to never marry me' and she had said, 'yes, I will never marry you'..

They wanted to show everyone the commitment and love they have for each other while at the same time abandoning the conformities that society puts on couples.

Plus Merry just wanted to have a kick ass party and this seemed to be a great opportunity..

The festivities were held at Newark Town Hall, one of the finest Georgian town halls in the country. Newly refurbished, it was the perfect place to hold the reception. 

Merry looked stunning in a full length purple ball gown and Mark equally stunning in his epically stylish tuxedo. Like something out of a fairy tale.

Friends and family were greeted as a prince and princess would great guests to a grand ball and then treated to cocktails and finger food. 

Mark and Merry had prepared an awesome speech and as the guests gathered round they began a truly theatrical speech, bouncing off each other with quips and finishing each others lines perfectly. I really enjoyed it and it gave such an insight into these guys. 

The party continued after the speeches with a live band and some awesome dancing, not from me I must add, no one needs to see that. 

At the end of a very enjoyable night I took Mark & Merry out into the marketplace of Newark for some shots of them by streetlight, so epic, it really was the perfect end to a perfect night. 


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