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Sonya & Andy | Cave Castle | Sept 2017

Well this has to be a contender for Wedding of the Year!

What can I say about these guys? Sonya is so much fun and knows exactly what she wants and Andy is a no nonsense guy that will make sure Sonya gets whatever her heart desires. Sonya and bridesmaids all looked fabulous and Andy and the lads looked amazingly dapper.

The Wedding and the Reception were held at Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club in Hull & the East Riding of Yorkshire, a fabulous venue with amazing grounds, beautiful scenery and an awesome main hall. 

Now as weddings go this was a pretty special one and definitely one to remember. I'll not go into too much detail about the day but suffice to say Andy nearly killed us doing wheelies in a golf buggy on route to get some romantic portraits. That said the guys didn't let it faze them and got straight into falling into each others eyes. Such an easy couple to shoot, when people are this much in love it makes my job a breeze. 

With beautiful weather, a stunning venue, a really fun crowd, the most adorable couple ever and fireworks at the end of the night, this really was an amazing day. 

I just wanna do it all again... wahhhhh!!!!

If you are in need of an amazing photographer for your special day or know someone that does then get in touch, we are only a tap on the keyboard away.....

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