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Emily and Phil | Kenwick Park, Louth | March 2017

So I've known both Phil and Emily for quite a time now and it was a real pleasure to not only be there at their special day but to shoot it as well. I first met these guys at a local gym and we joined a group session together and soon hit it off. So when they announced they were getting hitched I jumped at the chance to photograph their day..

I knew it would be an awesome one as the engagement shoot they were so relaxed, had a right laugh and made it really easy for me to get some great snaps of them.

And how amazing was the weather on the day? Well knowing what it had been like in the previous weeks, with the storm and general bad weather it was hit and miss what the day would be like, but it was amazing. The sun came out and bathed us in glorious light for the whole day.

What was really awesome was the church was literally opposite Emily's house so any worries of her being late weren't going to happen. Phil and his entourage had gathered in the local boozer for an early doors tipple and things were looking great..

As I stood watching and photographing the ceremony, amazingly I noticed a butterfly come in through an open window, flutter down and land on the register to warm itself in the midday sun as if blessing the wedding itself and I was stoked when it didn't move and allowed me a great shot of it sitting there amount the names..

It was a beautiful ceremony and the church was stunning, with lovely grounds which allowed a few shots before we moved onto the venue at Kenwick Park in Louth for the celebrations.

I absolutely adore Phil and Emily and it was honour for me to be there on their special day seeing two of the loveliest people I know share the love they have one another. It was truly a gift and one I was glad to receive. Thanks guys......

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