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2016 | It wasn't all bad was it?

Well what a year it's been, apart from all the celebrities dying, political madness and some, quite frankly, mind blowing inventions, it's been a really good year.

I know many wouldn't agree but then I personally see the same posts on Facebook and Twitter every year, 'Glad it's over, here's to 20##', 'next year can't be any worse', or the all too common 'Screw you 20##', (or words to that effect).

Well for me it's not been like that, I shot some awesome weddings, moved my business forward to a more concentrated area and just really enjoyed my photography.

Let's look at the good things this year and not dwell on the negative side. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

So here for everyone is a selection of my favourite images of 2016, enjoy them, if you've hated the last 12 months then hopefully these will brighten you up..

I'm so looking forward to meeting some awesome new couples this year, photographing some beautiful weddings and capturing the awesomeness in everyone..



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