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5 Reasons you Should Definitely have an Engagement Shoot.

With so many photographers offering some kind of engagement shoot before the wedding nowadays it seems almost a done thing. Why should you jump on that bandwagon as well? You hate having your photo taken and surely they'll be plenty taken at the wedding?

Well here's 5 reasons you should definitely take your photographer up on the E - Shoot.

1. You'll get to know you photographer.

When you think about it you'll spend so much time with your photographer on your Wedding Day (Brides will actually spend more time with the photographer than they do with the groom on the day) that it's important you get on with them. These sessions are a great way to get to know each other and really click.. Makes it so much more fun on the big day..

2. You'll get some great posing tips.

I always look dumb in photos? What do I do with my hands? I always look frumpy, can you make me look Slim? Well these sessions are an amazing way to get to know how to pose like a pro and how to look great every time. I love giving my Brides and Grooms little tips on how to look good in the photos, sometimes it's the most simplistic things that make a photo good or bad.

3. It gives you a chance to see how your Photographer works.

There's so many different styles of shooting out there, so many different ways a photographer can go about getting the images they want. Do they use lighting, do they like to direct you or shoot more reportage style. Now hopefully by this point you will have done your homework on them but it's great to actually see them work and how it will flow at the wedding.

4. You'll get some awesome images.

There's so much you can do with the images now it's crazy. Sure you can print them and hang them on your wall and look at them everyday with fondness but in this modern day there's so much more you can do...

Personalised Save the Date cards, Swanky Invites, Signing frames, personalised guest books, stationary with your photos on, timeline slide shows or even wine labels with your mugs on.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination.

5. It gets you out doesn't it...

After all the planning, the thoughts of where your going to sit strange Uncle Nobby and the constant worrying about everything wedding related it's just nice to get out..

Kick off your worries, have a laugh, look into each others eyes and remember why you're doing all this in the first place.

So you know it makes sense, have the shoot and by the time it comes to your wedding day you'll be a virtual model with a new friend and a huge smile.

So get in contact now and lets talk Weddings!!!!




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