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Teepee for Two


I first met Sophie & Matt in October last year at the awesome wedding of Rachel & Brett, cousins I do beleive. I noticed them straight away, a very tall handsome couple who were obviously very much in love, at the time I didn't know they were engaged but had a nod from Rachel's father that there were engaged couples looking for a photographer there.


A few months later and I got the call asking if I was free. I couldn't have been more excited to meet Sophie and Matt properly and hear all about their love story and the plans they had for their wedding.

They had decided to get married at Riseholme University Campus where they had both been students and WOW what a setting.



If I could recommend a stunning country manor type setting to anyone it would be Riseholme Hall on the campus. A huge stately place with massive gardens and a stunning view across a lake. Even better they were to have a Teepee in the gardens to hold the festivities. The plans kept getting better and better.

We even shot the engagement shoot in the gardens so we could see what was available for us, and if the jetty that went out onto the lake seemed incredibly unsafe to me, Sophie and Matt had no problems stepping out onto it and loosing themselves in each others gazes.

The wedding day went off without a single hitch (as far as I was aware anyway). Matt was on time after he had played a cheeky 18 at Forest Pines Golf Course in Scunthorpe and Sophie and all 9 of her Bridesmaids were also on schedule and beaming with nervousness and expected joy.

Riseholme Church, a short walk from the Hall was such a picturesque place to say their vows and during the ceremony I couldn't help smile seeing the little looks they kept giving each other. If you'd ever wondered what the look of love is it was sitting on the faces of Matt & Sophie all day.



The Teepee in which the reception was held was awesome, beautifully lit and really atmospheric. They even had me seated for some food, along side Rachel and Brett no less. Full circle.

The day to me seemed to whiz by and the photo count racked up, every shot a winner and anytime I made a suggestion for a photo it was no problem at all. I couldn't help thinking that if it was whizzing by for me, what was it like for the newly weds. I remember myself my wedding day, like a blur but one that I will never forget and I hope it was the same for Matt and Sophie.



The day ended with an amazing sparkler in the dark shot. Everyone wishing Sophie and Matt all their love with shouts and maybe a little drunken cheer.

It was certainly a wedding I'll remember for a long time and one which I came away with some of my favourite photographs of a newly wedded, massively in love couple.


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