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An Underwater Adventure



June 2016 saw the Beautiful and Mystical Wedding of Vicky & Danni at the Deep in

Hull, UK. This is one of the worlds most spectacular Aquariums and Wedding Venues.

Now Im not going to lie, this venue was a real challenge for me. No flash photography allowed, no direct lighting and the possibility of horrible reflections from the glass of the tanks, but theres nothing I like better than a challenge and Vicky & Danni are so in love how could I fail really.

The ceremony took place in front of a huge aquarium tank, the word WOW didn't do it any justice!!

The only thing more amazing was the look in the Vicky and Danni's eyes when they looked at each other. I am truly blessed to be able to share these joyous moments with couples.

After the vows I had a chance to take the newly weds into the deeps of the aquarium and get some truly epic photos with jaw dropping backdrops.

I really had the most amazing time at Vicky and Danni's Wedding day, I wish them so much love in their life. What an awesome start to the adventure of their lives.














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