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Country Wedding Bliss

A fantastic June day in 2016 saw Joanne and Ben say their vows to each other and show off their love in front of their friends and family. The Wedding at the Ramada Resort in Marston, Grantham couldn't have gone better, well organised, fantastically run and brilliant friends and family that had nothing but joy for Joanne and Ben.

When I arrived the bride and bridesmaids were already in full swing, having a great time getting ready for the day ahead and I knew it was going to be an amazing day and I wasn't mistaken. It was such a heartfelt ceremony with some of the most touching glances between Bride and Groom Ive had the pleasure to witness and when I took the couple away for photos they made it so easy to capture their love for each other, the little looks, the slight touches and the laughter made this day not only special for them but me too.

When people get married they should do it for one reason; Love. This is definitely one of those marriages and I couldn't wish Joanne and Ben any more happiness.

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