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The Perfect Day.....

Theres no denying it, weddings are stressful. All that planning, all those people doing different things at different times.. Its a logistical nightmare!!! Ive seen it all, cakes not turning up, downpours of rain, unexpected snow drifts, the wrong flowers, split trousers and not forgetting the drunk groom before the ceremony. But you know what, none of these things ruined the day, not a one.

Take these things in your stride, breathe and remember its not the end of the world. Little things that deviate from your perfect day plans aren't a disaster, they are part of the day and as such you should embrace them. Enjoy them for what they are, and your day will be perfect.

Below is a little checklist of how to make your day stressfree and go a bit smoother.. Remember its your day and you should be able to do what you want..

See you on the other side....


- The drive for perfection a major source of stress, does it really matter if some of the colours aren't a perfect match? the best men aren't wearing the same cuff links? Sit back and ask yourself what really matters and prioritise these things.

- Be clear on your budget, caviar and champagne and diamond encrusted wedding dress may seem like a fantastic idea but if it means you have to scrimp and save on other details then maybe its time for a rethink...

- Make the memories last, all this stress and planning isn't for nothing. Give thoughts to the photography on the day. After all so much energy spent on the day needs to be remembered.

- Let other people help. It can a nightmare trying to do everything yourself and only cause the stress levels to skyrocket. This is a time when anyone who knows you will fall over themselves to help so why not take them up on their kind offers..

- Make sure you take time out. Don't let the wedding stress take over your life completely, make sure you both take time to chill outing spend some quality tim together without the wedding checklist.

- Exercise. Its the best way to let the stress of all that planning slip away, get out take a walk, breathe that fresh air and get some sunlight, it'll also improve your mood.

- Eat, sleep and relax. These have always been important wedding or not so why let the stress ruin these things. Keep doing all the usual things, take it easy and most importantly enjoy these times..



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