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Do we really need to have an Engagement Photo Session?

I hear this a lot and my answer is always the same, ‘absolutely you should’. and the funny thing is its not about the photos that are produced during the session, its about practice.

‘I hate having my photo taken’, ‘I don't like being the centre of attention’ or ‘I hate pictures of myself’ is another thing I hear all the time. As I said these sessions are about practice.

Practice for you to get used to the photographer being in front of you and helping you get more relaxed about it but not only that its also about the photographer getting used to you, seeing how far he can comfortably push you and see how you react to each other in intimate moments.

These sessions are really designed so that on the big day you wont freak out and look like a rabbit in headlights.

Thinking you look horrid in photos is totally natural, do you think top models just knew how to pose and react in front of a camera from the word go? Practice, practice, practice thats what these guys do all time.

Now Im not suggesting you go down the Vogue offices the day you get back off honeymoon and demand a job as a high fashion catwalker, although if you want to don't let me stop you either, but this will help you so much come the day and being comfortable with your photographer will make the photos shine out even more.

So should you do the engagement photos? Yes… Plus they look excellent on save the date and invitation cards…


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