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Its a beautiful day....

Well after weeks of horrid weather, rain, grey clouds and an awful chill in the air, today is actually sunny, bright and dare I say it, a little warm..

Perfect for a bit of outdoor photography, grab your camera and off you go.

I love these days for a bit of informal portraiture. You know portraits don't always have to be posed in front of backdrop. Often some of the most natural beautiful shoots can happen when a family are just out and about forgetting I'm there and being themselves.

The sun though isn't always my friend though, this time of year its low and can make it awkward to get the light right on my subject (the lower the sun the less diffused the light is).

I used to struggle with this until I realised you can use this awkwardness to your advantage. A little light creeping in the lens to create a sunburst or a heavy directional light on the faces of my subject tell its own story, creates the scene and can make the memories pop out when looking back at the images.

Low evening light creates its own colours, textures and feel while morning sunrise is a whole different animal.

Picking the right time to suit your subject can be a real challenge but its one I've learnt and enjoy a lot.

Its a great time to get a family photo done, do it before it rains again... :)


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