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Love is in the Air

Hi and welcome to the first blog post of AWPhotographic from me, Andrew.

Well we've had Valentines day and it seems like its sparked off a flow of love in the air.

Some of the nicest most natural photographs can be had with couples in love. You may think that posing a couple and getting them to smile for a few shots would make the most unnatural and staged images, and you'd be right.

Why do we stare at the camera? We don't glare at things usually, unless its the latest Coronation Street disaster of course. Its an opportunity to have fun, look into one anothers eyes, crack up when you realise you feel daft, hold hands, kiss..

The most beautiful thing in the world is two people in love, show it, and dont ever forget that person you love.

This is a great time, more than any, to book us for a wedding, portrait session or a simple loving walk in the woods shoot....... While Love is in the Air.......


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