Lets help you get off that Auto setting, learn the basics of photography, composition, lighting and lets make the world a better photographic place.

Photography Workshops

Digital Photography Workshops

Half Day courses to improve your photography skills

Join me, a full time professional photographer with over 20 years experience, for stroll. We will chat, take photos and cover all aspects of photography and get you off AUTO mode and taking better photos.

During this time we will cover -


  1. The basics of photography - Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO - What they mean and how they relate to each other.

  2. Composition. i.e Rule of thirds, negative space and why they work.

  3. How to interact with your subject to get more relaxed and natural photos.

  4. Lighting - natural light, led or flash.

  5. Tips & Tricks

We will also be putting these things into practice using live models, still life and landscapes.


You will also get exclusive access to a private facebook group for honest critiques and ongoing support


Limited to 5 people a workshop

Courses throughout the year available

Book for yourself to hone those skills or a perfect gift for that budding photographer in your life. (gift certificates available)


Ideal for beginners or those wanting to improve and get off AUTO

(Must own digital camera to attend this workshop)


or £180 for 2 people booking together

Ask about our 1 to 1 mentoring program with ongoing support on an individual basis with personal feedback and critiques to make you a better photographer for life. 

All Photographs are shot and edited by Andrew Wheeler of AWPhotographic, the Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

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