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Gemma & Craig | August 2017 | Charlotte House | Lincoln

I met Gemma and Craig nearly 2 years ago now, way back in 2015 and I knew then that the wedding was going to awesome. Gemma had so many ideas of how her wedding to Craig should look and it sounded amazing.

The guys chose to have the engagement shoot at Hubbards Hills in Louth, they bought their puppy along and we had a beautiful walk and chat about the wedding while shooting some awesome photos. OMG!! I couldn't wait for the day.

The wedding day came and 'Wow' it was awesome. Gemma looked stunning. The bridal party was getting ready at her parents house and I have to say it was super relaxed for the morning of a wedding, but I guess thats just Gemma. However, the nerves did start to kick in once she had the dress on, you could see it in her eyes and nervous laughter. Craig was getting ready at his future sister in laws house while his groomsmen played Mario Kart, his Bestman concentrated on worrying about his duties and Craig, well he seemed to take it all in his stride, a definite cool character and one thats so much in love with Gemma I knew she was getting everything she wanted for her day.

The wedding was held at St Michael's Church, a beautiful church in the old part of Waddington village just outside Lincoln in the heart of Lincolnshire. The service was really pretty special, some gorgeous words by the vicar and the speakers and some lovely looks between the Bride and Groom.

Charlotte House, situated in the Cathedral Quarter of Lincoln was where the reception was held. It is an amazing venue, with awesome grounds for the photos and the guests to wander about if they so wish. The high glass walls of the Orangery where the actual wedding breakfast and evening do was held is a great mix of old and new and is so epic it has to be seen.

As I said the grounds are awesome and when I took Gemma and Craig out for the photos it was all there for us. I didn't have to do much in the way of posing either as these two are just naturally into each other, it made my job a walk in the park and we got some beautiful sunset shots and captured some great private moments between the new Mr & Mrs Housham.

The best thing is Gemmas sister Becky has also booked me for her wedding so I get to see Gemma & Craig again at another wedding soon.. YAY!!

Andy - AWPhotographic - Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

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